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The Drive Exceeds 7.7 Million Monthly Audience, an increase of 70% Year Over Year

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Monthly audience reaches over 4.6 million unique visitors on The Drive and 3.1 million subscribers across YouTube and social media

NEW YORKApril 17, 2019 — The Drive, the largest independent automotive media brand in the United States, announced today that it now reaches an audience of greater than 7.7 million monthly. The Drive ( has attained 4.6 million unique U.S. viewers, according to March 2019 Comscore Media Metrix® ratings, and maintains over 3.1 million subscribers across its YouTube and social media properties.

The Drive was acquired in November 2019 by North Equity, with a mission to empower its existing editorial and production teams and accelerate the delivery of compelling automotive and transportation content. As an independent media outlet, The Drive continues to develop strong relationships with its enthusiast reader base through authentic content and relevant brand-driven partnerships, resulting in significant audience expansion.

“We are experiencing a tremendous shift in the way audiences engage with digital content and brands overall,” said Andrew Perlman, North Equity Co-Founder and CEO of The Drive. “In an age of trust and relationships, the independent content creator holds the most captive, engaged audience. I am proud to announce our accelerated audience growth, largely driven by the content leadership of our editorial team lead by Mike Guy as Editor-in-Chief. With a commitment to further expansion of partner relationships and monetization of our growing audience, I am pleased to announce that Matthew Close has joined our team as SVP, Partnerships. In this role, Matthew will lead sponsorship and direct advertising for The Drive.”

Perlman added, “The Drive has grown its audience by creating a community where enthusiasts access content published by many of best journalists and content creators in our industry. Our collaborative approach allows us to harness the collective influence, diverse subject matter expertise, and faithful readers of our content creators, while providing a platform through which brand partners can reach hyper-targeted and scaled audiences. We have seen an enthusiastic response from partners since our acquisition and look forward to continuing to develop long-term sponsor and direct advertising relationships.”

About The Drive

The Drive was launched in 2015, when Time Inc. leveraged its acquisition of /DRIVE, a popular YouTube channel featuring leading industry figures Chris Harris, Mike Spinelli, and Alex Roy, to create a platform with a smart, feature-heavy approach to digital media. Editor-in-Chief Mike Guy has led The Drive since its founding, which has earned accolades and support from advertisers such as Volvo, eBay Motors, Dodge, Jaguar and Lexus.

Among its editorial verticals is The War Zone, a powerful defense site run by Tyler Rogoway, who is among the military sector’s most influential voices. The War Zone’s singular analysis of breaking defense news, as well as its deep insider view of developing military technology, has made it an authority in the category.

About North Equity

North Equity LLC is a venture equity firm that acquires, builds and scales transformative digital media brands using a proprietary combination of operational, data and technology expertise. The portfolio currently focuses on the automotive, home and military verticals and includes The Drive,, The War Zone and Task & Purpose, among others. Since acquisition, these brands have been strategically building market-leading positions, optimizing cash flow, and transforming their category in the digital content landscape. North’s investment team has extensive experience in the intersection of technology, data, and media, as private investors and operators. North, based in Miami with offices in San Francisco and New York, will continue making strategic acquisitions across the digital media and technology landscape.